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Founder and CEO of Zenfinity.tv | Zenfluex.com | Zentrepreneur.co

Tim Han in Ferrari, Villa in Bel Air, Malaga, Spain

Celebrating 33 Life Lessons from the Zen Entrepreneur - Tim Han

Zentrepreneurs, Published May 14, 2024
Learn from Tim Han's 33 life lessons on entrepreneurship, inspiring success stories and practical wisdom for achieving extraordinary results.
The origin story of Long Nguyen, founder of Zentrepreneur.co, Zenfluex.com and Zenfinity.tv

An Inspirational True Story - Surviving, Thriving & Becoming World Peace

Zentrepreneurs, Published April 20, 2024
By Long Nguyen
Celebrating Zentrepreneur.co ranking no.1 on Google

Celebrating a Milestone: Zentrepreneur.co is the No.1 Brand on Google!

Zentrepreneurs, Published April 16, 2024
Zentrepreneur.co’s Road to Google No.1 Success: The Five Secret Keys Revealed
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Enlightenment of Pooh: Book Review of The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff

Books, Published January 21, 2024
Learn how Zen master Winnie the Pooh achieves enlightenment.
Sunday afternoon reading.

Tracing The Essence of Existence: Reflections on "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl

Books, Published January 20, 2024
A reflective piece that delves into the key themes and ideas presented in Viktor E. Frankl's book, "Man's Search for Meaning." It explores the concept of finding meaning in life, even in the midst of extreme suffering and adversity.
Celebrating Bruce Lee cr

Celebrating Bruce Lee's Birthday: 32 Lessons Every Zen Entrepreneur Can Learn

Zentrepreneurs, Published November 27, 2023
Bruce Lee was more than just an international film star - his philosophy, resilience, and determination are unforgettable inspirations for every Zen entrepreneur.

Zen Meets E-commerce: Unleashing the Zentrepreneur in You Through Jack Ma's Journey

Zentrepreneurs, Published August 27, 2023
Embark on a transformative expedition through Jack Ma’s harmonious blend of Zen and entrepreneurship. Unearth profound wisdom and actionable strategies to catapult your business and personal growth journey onto a new trajectory of success.
Laughing zentrepreneur Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Zentrepreneurial Odyssey: Mushin Mind & Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Zentrepreneurs, Published August 13, 2023
Explore the inspiring zentrepreneurial journey of Elon Musk, understanding the unique philosophy, strategies, and benefits. Learn how to apply the principles to your entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Zen Odyssey of Steve Jobs: A Lifelong Transformation Sparking a Revolution in Design

Zentrepreneurs, Published August 7, 2023
Steve Jobs’ Lifelong Transformation and the Birth of a Design Revolution
Reflections in ball of glass, Castle Dyck, Germany, October 2013

Harnessing Oubaitori: The Power of All-Round Development for Zentrepreneurs

Mindset, Published August 7, 2023
Discover the impact of oubaitori, a fundamental Japanese concept meaning all-around development, on the journey of a zentrepreneur. Learn how implementing the oubaitori principle can help a zentrepreneur succeed.

Navigating the Shuhari Journey: Mastering Mastery for Zentrepreneurs

Mindset, Published August 7, 2023
Explore the philosophy of Shuhari, how it shapes the pathway of learning and mastery, and its implications for zentrepreneurs. Understand the benefits of implementing Shuhari in your entrepreneurial journey.

Gemba Walks: The Art of Observation and its Application within Kaizen

Kaizen, Published August 6, 2023
Dive into the realm of Gemba Walks - an essential tool in the Kaizen philosophy. Grasp the significance, application, benefits, and real-world examples of this lean management practice that fosters continuous improvement.