Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit

1. The Sanctity of Your Trust

At, we are delighted to accompany you on your entrepreneurial journey towards enlightenment. The trust you bestow upon us is considered our sacred shrine; we pledge to honor it by adhering to the revered Zen principle of Saishō Kenbi - utmost respect and beauty - in safeguarding your privacy.

2. Personal Data: Less Is More

In line with the minimalist Zen concept, we gather just the essential data - your name and email - for a meaningful interaction. Be it through surveys or newsletter sign-ups, we only seek to nurture a deeper understanding of your Zenpreneurship needs.

3. Shielding Your Information: The Samurai Way

Your personal data is harbored in a tranquil garden, meticulously defended from the harsh winds of cyber threats. As a samurai would guard his dojo, we employ formidable cyber-security techniques, keeping your data under the protective armor of stringent servers, sophisticated firewalls, and encryption techs.

4. Mindful Usage of Your Information

Under the Zen principle of mushin no shin (a mind undisturbed by thoughts), we utilize your data to refine our service delivery, assess our company's effectiveness, or to share snippets of invaluable insights, without monetizing it through trade or sales—our pledge to do right by you and the principle of Zen.

5. The Zen Approach to Cookies

While cookies in might not be as gratifying as those delectable zen-shaped treats, they serve a greater purpose. Tiny cookie-files aim to understand your interaction with our site intuitively, catering to your preferences and providing you with a customized Zen-like experience.

6. Third-Party Affiliates: Companions on Our Journey

Your data might be shared with our respected third-party service providers, primarily to enhance operational efficiency in aspects like email distribution and customer support lines. These trustworthy confederates undertake to respect and protect your privacy as dearly as itself.

7. Evolution of Our Privacy Policy

Just as Zen teaches fluidity and acceptance of change, we too periodically update our privacy policy to comply with legal and ethical advancements. Engage with it frequently to gain a deep-rooted understanding of your data protection mechanisms. In entrusting with your information, you let us guide you on your entrepreneurial pursuit backed by the tranquillity of a secure environment. Together, let's unravel the mysteries of the Zenpreneurship Universe under the benevolent tree of trust.

Namaste, and wishing you 'Harmony in Business and Enlightenment in Entrepreneurship'.