Celebrating a Milestone: Zentrepreneur.co is the No.1 Brand on Google!

Zentrepreneur.co’s Road to Google No.1 Success: The Five Secret Keys Revealed

Celebrating Zentrepreneur.co ranking no.1 on Google

We are ecstatic to share fabulous news with you - Zentrepreneur.co has ascended and is now in the top spot on Google search rankings!

Screenshot of Zentrepreneur.co no.1 ranking for brand keyword Zentrepreneur

Screenshot of Zentrepreneur.co no.1 ranking for brand keyword Zentrepreneur

The monumental achievement was accomplished under a year after putting the brand in front of the world in July 2023. But what led us to this victory? What secret transcendent keys catapulted Zentrepreneur to Google's golden spot in less than a year? Read on to find the five secret keys to transcend your brand in Google rankings to no.1!

A Facebook post that introduced Zentrepreneur.co to the world back on 31st July 2023

A Facebook post that introduced Zentrepreneur.co to the world back in 31st July 2023

Secret No. 1: "Purpose-Driven Path" - Identify Your Ikigai

The initial key to unlocking one's full potential in both life and business is the discovery and pursuit of what can be referred to as your own 'Purpose-Driven Path.' This concept is reminiscent of the profound Japanese philosophy known as Ikigai. Ikigai represents a harmonious state of existence where an individual's passion, mission, vocation, and profession converge into a single, fulfilling purpose. It's at this crossroads that one finds true satisfaction and meaning in their endeavors.

The platform Zentrepreneur.co was meticulously crafted with the inspiring principles of Ikigai at its core. By embracing this philosophy, we have been able to gain a lucid understanding of our unique purpose in the entrepreneurial landscape. This understanding acts as a potent driving force, shaping every aspect of our brand identity. It influences the content we create, the manner in which we communicate with our audience, and how we engage with them. In essence, our commitment to reflecting the essence of Ikigai in our operations has allowed us to forge a deep connection with our community and consistently deliver value that resonates with their aspirations and goals.

How to find your Ikigai by Zenfinity.TV

How to find your Ikigai from Zen Life Achiever coaching program by Zenfinity.TV.

Secret No. 2: "The Uncharted Waters" - Thrive with The Blue Ocean Strategy

Our second closely-guarded insight, which we have aptly named 'The Uncharted Waters', at Zentrepreneur.co is deeply inspired by the groundbreaking principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy, a pivotal approach. This innovative approach serves as advocates for steering clear of fierce, cutthroat competition, often leading to success: 'The Uncharted Waters.' This concept is deeply rooted in the Blue Ocean Strategy, a revolutionary business philosophy that emphasizes the importance of venturing into new, untapped market territories – or steering clear of fierce rivalry in "blue oceans" – where competition is rendered moot because it has yet to exist.

Long Nguyen founder of Zentrepreneur.co looking over the blue ocean of Dubai.

Long Nguyen founder of Zentrepreneur.co looking over the blue ocean of Dubai. Picture taken by Tim Han in Sonder, Dubai.

With this strategy, Zentrepreneur.co emphasizes the importance of exploring the new. We recognize the transformative potential of untapped markets from the onset. Our competition is virtually nonexistent, rooted in a philosophy of exploring novel opportunities and pioneering new frontiers in business. By doing so, a business can render its competitors irrelevant and avoid battles for market share. We are committed to identifying and exploring metaphorical fresh avenues for growth and innovation, rather than jostling for position in crowded, oversaturated markets.

In order to deliver our unique value propositions from the inception, we recognized the immense potential of carving out a distinctive niche for our ventures through the Blue Ocean Strategy. We made a conscious decision to direct our efforts towards discovering and cultivating fresh opportunities rather than competing for dominance in crowded markets. Our commitment to this approach has enabled us to innovate and offer value propositions that differentiate us. By focusing on creating new demand and exploring uncharted territories, Zentrepreneur.co has established a unique presence and achieved sustainable growth in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Secret No. 3: "The Signature Symphony" - Be Unique In Your Branding

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

The third secret, we call it 'The Signature Symphony', signals creating a unique voice in your branding that genuinely resonates with your audience and stands out. Zentrepreneur.co has managed to carve an exclusive brand identity, setting assertive digital footprints that Google algorithms couldn't help but notice!

Definition of "Ze" Pronoun:

The pronoun "ze" is a gender-neutral pronoun that can be used instead of traditional gendered pronouns like "he" or "she." It is often used by individuals who identify outside the gender binary or who prefer not to specify their gender.

The branding philosophy of being a zentrepreneur is viable for anyone (ZE) who wishes to embrace a more holistic and mindful approach to entrepreneurship, regardless of their gender identity or expression. By incorporating Zen principles into their business endeavors, zentrepreneurs aim to create a more balanced and fulfilling work-life harmony.

The Z/E meaning:

  • The forward slash (/) in your Z/E logo symbolizes the fusion of the two letters Z and E, representing Zen and Entrepreneur, respectively, to form the term "zentrepreneur." This reflects the combination of Zen philosophy with entrepreneurship in our brand identity.

  • Additionally, the forward slash (/) holds significance as a separator in computer programming and language syntax. In our logo, it can be interpreted as a type cursor, reminiscent of text editing and modern digital communication. This aligns with our brand's focus on publishing, conveying a sense of style, luxury, and innovation in a contemporary manner.

Zentrepreneur.co the logo was designed to the proportions of the golden ratio by Zenfluex.com

Zentrepreneur.co logo was designed to the proportions of the golden ratio by Zenfluex.com.

The Slogan: Harmony in Business, Enlightenment in Entrepreneurship

The slogan "Harmony in Business, Enlightenment in Entrepreneurship" encapsulates the idea of achieving a balanced and peaceful coexistence between the dynamics of business operations and the personal growth and realization that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Meaning Behind the Slogan:

  • Harmony in Business: This part emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance, synergy, and unity within the business environment. It signifies a state where all components of a business work together seamlessly to achieve common goals, fostering cooperation, and a positive work culture.

  • Enlightenment in Entrepreneurship: This part focuses on the personal development and growth that entrepreneurship brings. It suggests that through the journey of entrepreneurship, individuals can attain a higher level of understanding, wisdom, and self-awareness. It symbolizes a path towards enlightenment through the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Long Nguyen, finding purpose, mindfulness and balance in the world of entrepreneurship.

Long Nguyen, finding purpose, mindfulness and balance in the world of entrepreneurship. Picture taken by Tim Han in Sonder, Dubai.


The inspiration behind this slogan lies in the fusion of Eastern philosophy and modern business practices. It draws from the concepts of harmony, balance, enlightenment, and personal growth found in practices like Zen Buddhism and mindfulness. By incorporating these elements into the world of business and entrepreneurship, the slogan aims to inspire individuals to seek a harmonious balance between their professional endeavors and personal development, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful entrepreneurial journey.

Secret No. 4: "The Mastery Matrix" - Become The Expert

At Zentrepreneur, we deeply resonate with the philosophies outlined in the book "Expert Secrets," which have inspired our commitment to the concept of the Mastery Matrix. This foundational idea underscores the significance of attaining a high level of expertise within one's chosen field, mirroring the wisdom shared by luminaries such as Steve Jobs and Bruce Lee.

Steve Jobs, known for his Zen-like approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, exemplified the power of profound expertise in shaping industry leadership. Similarly, Bruce Lee's mastery of martial arts and business acumen transcended geographical boundaries, illustrating the universal appeal of deep knowledge and skill development.

A photo of the Bruce Lee statue and Long Nguyen, taken in Hong Kong in 2024, the Year of the Dragon. Picture taken by Kam Ho.

A photo of the Bruce Lee statue and Long Nguyen, taken in Hong Kong in 2024, the Year of the Dragon. Picture taken by Kam Ho.

By embracing the principles of the Mastery Matrix, individuals at Zentrepreneur position themselves as authorities in their respective domains, fostering trust and credibility among peers and clients. This dedication to continuous learning and skill enhancement not only distinguishes our community members but also establishes Zentrepreneur as a beacon of excellence and reliability in Zen entrepreneurial education.

Drawing inspiration from visionaries like Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee and many more zentrepreneurs, we uphold the belief that true leadership stems from a profound understanding of one's craft. Through the Mastery Matrix, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs to cultivate expertise that transcends trends, embodying a commitment to enduring success in the dynamic landscape of business.

Secret No. 5: "The Connective Web" - Post and Link To Your Platform

In an effort to maximize our digital footprint and enhance the connectiveness of our online presence, we have undertaken a comprehensive strategy to disseminate our latest publication across an array of social media platforms and our main website. Recognizing the power of a unified digital approach, we meticulously planned and executed a campaign that leveraged the intrinsic networking capabilities of the internet to drive traffic back to our home website.

Our approach was multifaceted, harnessing the reach of various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. To ensure a consistent and timely release of our content across these diverse channels, we employed the use of sophisticated social media planners. These tools were instrumental in orchestrating a synchronized launch, allowing us to post one piece of content simultaneously across a branching strand of the web into multiple locations. This not only amplified our message but also saved us invaluable time and resources that could be redirected towards creating even more quality content.

A picture of Master Sri Akarshana's Karaoke birthday in 2024. Connecting with influencers and big players in the connected social media space.

A picture at Master Sri Akarshana's Karaoke birthday in 2024. Connecting with influencers and big players in the connected social media space.

The core of our strategy, which we've come to refer to as "The Connective Web," is predicated on the creation and distribution of high-quality content that serves as a network of informational nodes, all linking back to our main platform. Each piece of content was crafted with the dual purpose of providing value to our audience while also serving as a beacon guiding them towards our central hub. By doing so, we've created a self-sustaining ecosystem where each part supports and enhances the others.

This strategic interlinking has had a profound impact on our search engine optimization (SEO) performance. By continually driving traffic through this network, we signaled to Google and other search engines the vitality and relevance of our online presence. It's a testament to the power of connectivity in the digital age—where each link serves as a conduit for audience engagement, encouraging users not just to visit but to explore and interact with our content ecosystem.

Moreover, this tactic has proven effective in audience retention and boosting engagement. When visitors arrive at any point within our network, they find themselves surrounded by valuable resources that pique their interest and encourage further exploration. This not only increases the time spent on our sites but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability in our brand.

In conclusion, "The Connective Web" is not just about spreading content; it's about weaving a tapestry of information that is both expansive and interconnected. By doing so, we've managed to create an online presence that is greater than the sum of its parts—a cohesive collection of digital assets that work in concert to elevate our brand's visibility and authority on the web.

Bonus Secret: You can do it too if you implement these secrets. This is our 3rd time, so it's not just luck...

At Zentrepreneur.co, these five secrets propelled us to the top of Google’s ranking in less than one year. With each influential strategy, a synergistic brand identity was formed, fueled by our identified Ikigai, a unique approach to competition, distinctive branding, demonstrated expertise, and an intricate web of high-quality content. The astute implementation of these techniques can indeed lead to marvellous success, even with a lighter workload. But here's the thing we did it 3 times so it is possible you can do it too!

Zenfinity.tv and Zenfluex.com have also been ranked no.1 and yes having a .com certainly helps although the secrets mentioned above should put you in a great place to get you there.

A Facebook post celebrating Zenfinity.TV on Google no.1 ranking

A Facebook post celebrating Zenfinity.TV on Google no.1 ranking

ZenflueX.com ranked no.1 on Google.

ZenflueX.com ranked no.1 on Google.

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Thank you for reading this celebratory post fellow zentrepreneur. I wish for you to be blessed by wonderful opportunities, abundance and deep fulfilment in your journey of zen and entrepreneurship.