Harnessing Oubaitori: The Power of All-Round Development for Zentrepreneurs

Discover the impact of oubaitori, a fundamental Japanese concept meaning all-around development, on the journey of a zentrepreneur. Learn how implementing the oubaitori principle can help a zentrepreneur succeed.

Reflections in ball of glass, Castle Dyck, Germany, October 2013

Hailing from the heart of Japan, Oubaitori emphasizes the necessity of well-rounded and holistic growth. With its application in varied fields, this unique concept holds immense relevance for zentrepreneurs, who embody the fusion of Zen philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Understanding Oubaitori:

The History and Meaning: In Japanese, oubaitori (大買取) signifies "the procurement of all commodities." This principle is a metaphor for comprehensive growth, encouraging simultaneous advancement in all aspects rather than focusing on one alone.

Questions to consider: Do you nurture all aspects of your entrepreneurial self? Can the principle of oubaitori inspire more holistic growth in your journey?

Photo by Jodie Cook / Unsplash

Oubaitori for Zentrepreneurs:

For zentrepreneurs, it's not just about business growth; it's about personal growth, spiritual growth, marketing growth, speaking growth, networking growth, and balancing the entrepreneurial spirit with Zen philosophy. The concept of oubaitori comes into play here, advocating for the harmonious development of every aspect, this can be seen in the life coaching model diagram, 'Wheel of Life".

Wheel of Life Diagram from Zenfinity.TV life coaching course.

Case Study: The Oubaitori Approach of a Successful Zentrepreneur:

Consider the example of Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. He actively pursues all-round development, balancing his growth as a leader and an individual. Weiner advocates for managing compassionately, a method heavily influenced by Buddhism, while simultaneously excelling as an entrepreneur.

Questions to consider: Are there aspects of your entrepreneurship journey that have been neglected? Could you integrate the oubaitori principle into your leadership or business strategy?

Benefits of Implementing Oubaitori:

1. Balanced Growth: Oubaitori encourages growth in all facets, leading to a more balanced entrepreneurial journey.

2. Enhanced Productivity: This concept can lead to increased productivity through balanced personal and professional wellbeing.

3. Greater Satisfaction: Implementing the principle of oubaitori can foster a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your entrepreneurship journey.

Questions to consider: How could adopting oubaitori impact your productivity and satisfaction? Have you experienced imbalance or dissatisfaction in your entrepreneurial journey?

Strategies for Incorporating Oubaitori:

1. Holistic Planning: Incorporate personal, professional, and spiritual goals in your growth strategy.

2. Periodic Review: Regularly review and adjust your strategy according to changes or growth in various areas.

3. Balanced Skill Development: Prioritize both hard and soft skills to foster a balanced skillset.

Questions to consider: Have your planning strategies been one-dimensional? How can the principle of oubaitori inspire a more balanced approach?


Fully embracing oubaitori can lead zentrepreneurs towards a balanced journey, incorporating the harmony of personal development, business growth, and Zen philosophy. Engaging with the questions throughout the article will help in adapting the Oubaitori principle effectively for your entrepreneurship journey.